Maitresse Piper

Personal Info:

Introducing the one and only Maitresse Piper…

Do not mistake her playful and sweet nature as a sign of weakness. Those who do have been put in their place in the most objectifying and humiliating ways. Maitresse’s cruel sadistic streak shines through her playful exterior to exert crippling control over her subjects. She commands your obedient attention and expects nothing less than perfect etiquette and manners. Slaves dedicated enough to be rewarded by this Goddess can attest to the honor it is to kneel before such a superior and beautiful woman.

Maitresse’s specialties are those which unequivocally demonstrate her authority over all submissives who have the pleasure of looking up at her deceitfully powerful, feminine form. Castration play, humiliation, cuckolding, rope bondage, and heavy impact are amongst her favorites and those which please her most.

You will be pleasantly surprised by Maitresse Piper’s imperious power and ability to coerce your complete surrender to her devious ways. She encourages any seasoned kink enthusiast or nervous newbie, no matter their disability or identifying sexuality, to join her in exploring their most twisted fantasies.