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Mistress Amarillah

Personal Info:

A long-legged, slim brunette in her mid-20’s, Mistress Amarillah is no newcomer to the delights of BDSM, although she is new to the Kastle. With wide blue eyes, alabaster skin and long thick locks, she will have you under her spell long before you realize just how helpless you are. Don’t let her innocent, school girl charm fool you – Mistress Amarillah is as cruel as Mistresses come.
She has a dark passion for impact play – from light flogging, to medium whipping, to heavy caning….Mistress Amarillah will either have you begging to stop or begging for more.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or well-versed kinkster, you will leave The Kastle with each and every one of your desires met with utmost care and precision. Tell Mistress Amarillah what you thirst for as her sub and she will deliver………disobey however and she will take great pleasure in whatever ways she decides to punish you. Mistress Amarillah’s favourites include bondage, role-play, humiliation, CBT, slave-training, water sports, shackling, body worship, crossdressing, cuckolding, chastity, castration and other fantasies and fetishes by arrangement.

Do you crave to be Mistress Amarillah’s slave for the evening? Step into her dungeon and to explore the pain and pleasures within….