Mistress Astrid

Personal Info:

Mistress Astrid – a Nordic Goddess whose beauty and strength will literally bring you to your knees. Don’t let her angelic face fool you – as a professionally trained wrestler, whether you choose to enter a match with her erotically or as a pure test of strength she will subdue you and make you hers in both body and mind. Are you up to the challenge? She is unbeaten and unbowed, and only the lucky few get to be added to her list of willing victims.

Perhaps she will even allow you the gift of worshipping her tanned, toned and muscular body without first being defeated by her, if you ask very nicely. She wields her strength with the utmost control, and her spanking is second to none. Her mind is every bit a match for her physical skills, and your sublime submission in her Humiliatrix and degradation sessions is guaranteed. She will make you do the things that you have perhaps never thought you would be capable of nor even knew that you would consent to – and you will love her for it.

Come and test your body and mind, and be taken to new depths by the mighty Mistress Astrid.