Mistress Avalon

Personal Info:

You will obey Mistress Avalon as she tames, trains and teases you and invites you to fulfill your most secret desires at the end of her whip or her strap-on, or on your knees worshiping her shiny sky-high stilettos and lovely long legs. Voluptuous, feminine, statuesque and commanding, Mistress Avalon will correct you, guide you and punish you if you’ve been wicked or dare to displease her. Never forget your pain is her pleasure.
Mistress Avalon particularly likes impact play with humble slaves, so you might find yourself over her knee receiving traditional OTK discipline, or stretched over the spanking bench for a well paced and well deserved caning. “One thank you Mistress. May I please have another!” Being a sabreur, Mistress is deft with all manner of hand held implements, her strength and training allow her to administer all manner of flogging with ease and accuracy to those who find themselves lucky enough to serve her. Mistress is well versed in shackling, humiliation, CBT, water sports, role play, erotic wrestling, cross dressing, power exchange, age play and slave training. All sessions are possible if #SSC