Mistress Carmen

Personal Info:

Mistress Carmen is a classic beauty; a 5’7″ Brunette with green eyes and a sun kissed glow.

She forms authentic connections with myriad regular clients who enjoy her erotic, sensual playful style which is juxtaposed with her genuine sadistic streak (#ssc)

Accordingly you should not be fooled by her deceivingly demure appearance, cross her and you will be suitably punished!!

Enter her domain and be subjected to the thrilling sensations and delights of her wicked mind.

She loves teasing out her submissives fantasies and turning them into a frenzy of pure pleasure and ecstasy. If you enjoy pegging/anal play, intricate roleplay, discipline, crossdressing, bondage and tease, CBT, sensory deprivation, castration, GS, age play, medical or exploring fetishes you will delight in a session with this creative, intelligent, sophisticated Domina.

Come and tell Mistress Carmen your most perverted desires and let her join you in a sultry exploration of all that alternative eroticism offers.