Mistress Cleo

Personal Info:

Mistress Cleo has been with us for almost four years now. Tall, thin and tattooed, she is icy in appearance as well as character, and it is this cutting combination that demands your absolute submission.

Her style is one of softly spoken sadism and calm cruelty, preferring to play on the subtlety of BDSM than the cliche, and crafting sessions with a tangle of technical skill and twisted creativity.

Mistress Cleo possesses a dark intellect, and an even darker intent, and her skill as a Domme is in her imagination.

Mistress’ personal preference lies in the intersect of psychological and physical, finding satisfaction in creating sessions which weave the two together; kidnapping and interrogation, edge play, sensory deprivation and blackmail being among her favourites.

It is in these overlapping realms – including those of spirituality and sexuality – that she carves her niche, also exploring elements of dark tantra and the transcendental possibilities that exist within it.

Not to be underestimated however, is her passion for the purely physical. CBT, sounding, impact play, play piercing and golden showers hold a particularly special place in her repertoire.

Mistress Cleo is not merely a Mistress one should chose to satiate their fantasies, but a Mistress who will push the boundaries of them, evolving and expanding your fantasies alongside you.

She works only within the limits of that which is safe, sane and consensual, and is open to all cultures, genders, sexualities and ability levels.