Mistress Juno

Personal Info:

Smart, sensual, playful and sadistic Mistress Juno is an open-minded Domme capable of fulfilling any desire or kink, no matter how taboo or bizarre.

Join her and she will nurture you on your journey exploring the darkest corners of your sexual secrets and making real your most longed for desires. Do you like bondage, role play, golden showers, puppy & slave training, pegging, hedonistic debauchery, sensory deprivation, sploshing, crossdressing/sissifcation, age play, body worship, equestrian or impact play/discipline? Surrender to this highly imaginative, passionate , authentic and skilled young Mistress and your efforts will be be rewarded with exquisite torment, and total freedom of mind body and spirit.

Do you like brown showers? Join Mistress Juno and she will exert absolute control over you as you lay stretched out beneath her (at least 24 hours advance notice is required) . Session with Mistress Juno and be renewed, sated, enlivened and thrilled.