Mistress Lucilla

Personal Info:

Mistress Lucilla is a luscious, curvy Goddess who commands your attention and devotion as soon as she enters the dungeon. She is unapologetically cruel and enjoys the journey of uncovering what excites you, what scares you, what you are yet to discover, all while under her control. You will be captivated by her beauty, dangerous curves and her presence will bring you to your knees.
Mistress Lucilla has genuinely been active in the BDSM lifestyle for over 17 years and has two degrees in psychology. Her thesis focused on what forms our desire and leads us to BDSM, so you are in very experienced, beautifully manicured hands. Mistress loves to get under your skin, develop a personal connection and deeper understanding of your desires so your ultimate fantasies are fully realized and long lasting.
Submit, and unlock her knowledge in humiliation, spanking, flogging, discipline, caning, sensory deprivation, denying or forcing orgasms, smothering & face sitting, slave training, teasing, body worship, playing Mummy, wax play, cuckolding and edge play.
If asked nicely she can be gentle and nurturing and help you develop and connect with your dominant side; educating you in skills needed for dungeon play.

Mistress Lucilla strictly works within the limits of that which is Safe, Sane and Consensual, and is open to all cultures, genders, sexualities and ability levels.

Come and enjoy Mistress Lucilla