Submissive Gidget

Personal Info:

Gidget is a submissive with a wealth of ‘real world’ experience, having lived this role in her life for the last 10 years.

She is happy to curl up at your feel or slink around your legs like a good little kitten or puppy or kneel obediently awaiting your next order.

Gidget knows how to take her Masters’ commands very well indeed and even to guide them in their journey to becoming more empowered Dominants.

She is a happy giggly little brat of a sub who loves impact play and sensual obedience alike and is always striving to serve her Master as he wishes to be served…whether he is a nasty boss, mean school principal, or corrections officer.

Most of all Gidget likes to see her Master smile at her wllingness to surrender to his whims and will do everything possible to ensure that outcome.